Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Coming Attractions . . .

Let’s a take a brief peek at what’s coming soon . . .

  • Definitive proof that unprotected, wireless networks are vulnerable to piggybacking, especially when the owner doesn’t realize they’re using one

  • The perils of mega-bass boosting and late-night wall pounding so close to the holidays, especially when a 5.1 Dolby Surround TV Theater system is on Santa’s List

  • The ramifications of playing the Blame Game and alienating your only ally

  • Dancing the dance and paying the piper


  • The importance of rear view mirrors and their proper usage

All in the space of one VENT!

Can’t wait, can you?                    


Zombie Dirge said...

Here I am getting all exited about a new Vent entitled new format and bamn.

by the way it's Jesus, have you been a good boy.

Jesus Welcomes you to Blogger.

Scary Owl said...

I deleted my earlier observation here because it actually was meant for the post you made prior to this one. The internet sucks.