Sunday, February 03, 2008

Saturday Surprise. . .

For absolutely no reason, yesterday I checked our in-store ordering system to see the Not-Yet-Available status on Central & Bounce. February 2 is a long way from Delirium's February 26th on-sale date for both books- but I figured "What the hell?"

Boy, was I happy I did.

The new edition of Oogie Boogie Central and the new Oogie Boogie Bounce are both live, which means they're available from your favorite bookselling venue.

I wholeheartedly recommend utilizing Delirium's Horror Mall, but if you happen to live within shouting distance, you can always pick up copies at my joint. I'll even sign them for you.

It's like an early Christmas, except without all the stress.

But Then Again, You'll Have This . . .