Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Object Lessons . . .

We taught our daughter something important today.

We taught her that there are crazy people in the world. We taught her that the insane don't just live on network TV. We taught her that sometimes you have to stand up for yourself in the face of idiocy and paranoia, even if your actions effect no change.

Sometimes, you just have to stand up.

We also demonstrated that violence is -in most cases- the reaction of a scared, dumb animal when confronted with a superior adversary. When the higher functions don't -or can't- function, the reptilian brain assumes control and lashes out. It's a defense mechanism for those without the mental capacity to address conflict as mature adults.

The trick is knowing when to respond in kind and when to walk away.

After all, it's cruel to abuse the mentally defective. It's pointless to debate with the intellectually challenged. It's counterproductive to attempt to undo years of false persecution and pathetic rationalization by way of intelligent discourse.

We hope our example serves our child well in the future. We hope the restraint and dignity we show in the face of provocation penetrates the core of her being. We hope our daughter never has to encounter such a stressful situation again, but prepare her for the inevitable eventuality.

It's a lesson for everyone: Never argue with crazy people.

However, it is permissible to poke them with a stick.

But Then Again, You'll Have This . . .

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